Sway Clarke II for Teen Vogue

For those of you that know me and my photography style, you know that there's nothing more that I love than a good ole' , raw, "this is me" black and white portrait. SO I was pretty pumped when approached by Teen Vogue to shoot that exact style of photo for their music series, SoundScout.

 Sway Clarke II, Park Cafe, 2014.

Sway Clarke II, Park Cafe, 2014.

I met Sway Clarke II at an extremely crowded diner in midtown on a rainy day. People were lined up between the booths waiting for a table, and we managed to grab a seat and snap a few photos. Sway is such a great dude, with a fun, positive energy. We ate pancakes and fruit. 

Check out his interview and his tunes. http://www.teenvogue.com/entertainment/music/2015-01/sway-clarke-ii-interview

Chef Eric Ripert

This guy! We have all seen his face and drooled over his food. It was such an honor to be in the pristine kitchen of Le Bernardin in Manhattan photographing Eric Ripert.  

Unfortunately I chose the wrong pair of pants to wear that day and it threw me off the whole shoot. My button fell off..my pants were already a size too big, and I basically had to shoot 1 handed or in uncomfortable weird positions in a busy busy kitchen.  And if you have ever been in a NYC restaurant kitchen- it's probably the worst place for all that to happen... its a bit HOT, stressful and theres not much breathing room. Not to mention I was on a strict time schedule while I was there. SO, I was all over the place and would LOVE to get back in that kitchen and be able to shoot with both hands and not worry if my pants were going to fall down.

Now that you know my crazy backstory,  here are some photos of the infamous Eric Ripert in action! More about him on Bonberi

 Nicole & Vanessa of Bonberi interviewing Chef Eric Ripert in Le Bernardin.  NYC,  2014

Nicole & Vanessa of Bonberi interviewing Chef Eric Ripert in Le Bernardin.

NYC,  2014

Linda Rodin

I recently spent the afternoon with Linda Rodin, of Olio Lusso in her NYC apartment, shooting for Bonberi. I love going into people's personal spaces and documenting in the style of "a day in the life". I really get to understand and capture the subject in a comfortable space.

Linda is an incredible woman...she's inspiring to be around, and her home is a treasure chest. Definitely one of my top apartments I've ever been in NYC. Also, she loves her dog Winky...and so do I.


 Linda Rodin, 2014. NYC

Linda Rodin, 2014. NYC

Familiar Faces: Steven Onoja & Coney Island

Steven and I met up last Wednesday in Coney Island to photograph two of his new summer looks. It was my first time being at the park early in the morning, and I have to say I LOVED it! The rides weren't open yet, the boardwalk was quiet and the beach was overcast and calm. Older men and women were chatting with their friends, cooling off in the ocean. Coney Island is an entirely different place before tons of people rush in to ride the Wonder Wheel and eat Nathan's Hot Dogs. We actually shot in the morning for scheduling reasons, but it ended up having an awesome effect on the shoot. 

Coney Island, you're alright... especially in the morning. 

Steven put together 2 dapper summer looks for the shoot. He has a classy way of mixing and matching pieces, always focusing on detail and color. He threw in his TEVAS for this look!!! So good!  Here are some highlights from the shoot. Hope you dig!

Check out Steven's blog for his take on the Summer Suit and more photo deets. 

St. Maarten destination wedding: BOAT DAY

A Looooooooooong overdue post. 

I was fortunate enough to accompany an amazing couple on their wedding trip in St. Maarten. They had SUCH a great group of friends and family there- I had a blast with them. One of my favorite days of the trip was the Boat Day. We sailed in a 65ft catamaran to Anguilla. We snorkeled, had a great lunch on the beach, went swimming.... ANNNNNND met Bankie Banx at the Dune Preserve (see posts below with more pics of him).

This is my favorite way of photographing- documenting whats going on with a different perspective. This was such a fun day with fun peeps- I hope to be able to do it again! (hint hint.... those of you getting married in a far away land... hit me up!!!!!)  

Great start to my day- blogging this and listening to Toots & The Maytals! Enjoy!


My friend's family invited us out to Nantucket for a few days. It was my first time there and I absolutely loved it. Heres what we did.

We had the ferry to ourselves on the way there and snapped a few shots for Huxter Goods...(check the sweatshirt). 

Rode Jeeps on the beach and caught an amazing sunset and got the jeeps stuck in the sand.

Went fishing and caught stripers and cooked them that night.

Got to hang with Ella, the cutest 2 year old ever.


Oil Change

I met this guy while getting my oil changed and taking his photograph made my day.

SunSlope Car Wash. 

June, 2014

Lone Smoker

I was flying out of the Princess Juliana airport in St. Martin and noticed a small smoking lounge with just one guy hanging, enjoying his cigarette and reading his book. Very rare you come across this these days.

Snapped a few through the window and decided to go in get dirty. He was a nice guy that happened to be on my flight back to JFK.  

Bankie Banx

I just got back from at trip to St. Martin, where I was hired to shoot a wedding on the Island. Not only was the wedding incredible, but the couple was amazing and brought me along to document their whole weekend. Dream Job. One of the days I went on a boat trip with them and their guests to Anguilla. We docked at Rendezvous Bay- one of the most incredible beaches around... so quiet, crystal clear water, softest sand ever. (photos to come)

We were told to take a walk over to Dune Preserve. Picture the best treehouse on a beach that functions as a restaurant/bar/music venue and this is it. It actually is paradise.  Musician, Bankie Banx, quoted to be the "Anguillan Bob Dylan", owns the Dune Preserve and you'll find him hanging there all day. After meeting a few people there,  I found Bankie and only had a minute with him  before I had to head back to the boat, and literally grabbed him and snapped a photo in one of the nooks of the place. Bankie Banx spent time touring and living in New York and returned to Anguilla and now hosts the annual Moonsplash music festival at the Dune Preserve. Bankie Banx- makin' music and living in Paradise.  He's also a really really nice guy who I sincerely enjoyed meeting. 

 Bankie Banx, 2014.  Anguilla

Bankie Banx, 2014.


Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride

Bonberi's newest issue has the Mother's Day vibe all over it. We spent a great afternoon with Molly Guy, the founder of Stone Fox Bride, and her 2 yr old daughter, Sunny. They made REALLY really great banana muffins- check the recipe on Bonberi!

The light in her home was so lovely and bright- it was a pleasure to shoot in there. And also to be around the happiest 2 year old ever. Check the pics and her story on Bonberi.com

Author and Chef: Julia Turshen

I spent the afternoon with Julia, shooting for Bonberi. Julia prepared an amazing Zucchini salad...one that everyone should make. (recipe on Bonberi). We ate, hung with her dog Hope, chatted with her wife Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, and she took us through her writing/cooking journeys. A great day.

For all of you home cooks out there, check out her newest endeavor, the Buvette cookbook. 

Read up on Julia and get that recipe on Bonberi! Some pics from the day....


Steven Onoja take two

Shot again with my buddy Steven, of Ostentation and Style. We shot 2 looks in the city on a cold day. Both of the looks worked so well with our locations (New York Public Library and Grand Central Station). Dude's got style.

 I took one of my favorite photos I've ever taken that day. 

Chef Laurent Tourondel

Infamous Chef LT of LT Bar & Grill and many other restaurants.

I shot Laurent on a snowy day in midtown for Bonberi. His veggie burger made an appearance on Bonberi- get in there for the recipe. I'm not going to lie, its a good burger. 




 noun \ˌmä-ˈzhäŋ, -ˈjäŋ, -ˈzhȯŋ, -ˈjȯŋ, ˈmä-ˌ\:

:  a game of Chinese origin usually played by four persons with 144 tiles that are drawn and discarded until one player secures a winning hand


My Grandma plays Maj every week with her friends in Sun Lakes, Arizona. I snuck into the clubhouse to snap a few photos of the game and there were tons of other ladies playing cards and mahjong in there. I loved watching the flow of the game...these gals know what they are doing! 





Liz, her stem cells, and Gift of Life.

Last month I accompanied one of my closest friends to Washington DC to be by her side while she donated her Stem Cells to an anonymous person. Meet Liz. She lives in California, works in the entertainment industry, teaches yoga, and is a world traveler. She's also my best friend and one of the greatest people around. 

Liz signed up through the Gift of Life Foundation to be a bone marrow donor. 7 years later, she got a call informing her that she's the perfect match for someone. She knows nothing about the person, except that he's a 65 year old man with a blood disease called Multiple Myeloma. Being the incredible, selfless person that she is, Liz of course commits to the donation.

This all went down during a bad snowstorm at the Georgetown University Hospital. The rooms and halls were empty...no one was around. Joey, Liz's boyfriend, myself, and Nick, our Gift of Life liaison,  were all there during the 7 hour donation. I had no idea how emotional and exhausting this procedure would be. Its pretty incredible to see this process... to see that the second they got the amount of stem cells needed, there was someone there with a cooler ready to pick up and deliver the donation. Because of the storm that day, all flights and trains were cancelled out of DC....but those stem cells were getting where they needed to go.(that information was kept private)

Liz will have the option, in a year, to connect with the Man who received her Stem Cells.

This was such an inspiring experience to be a part of. Of course, I had to document this...but also wanted to share the story.