Familiar Faces: Steven Onoja & Coney Island

Steven and I met up last Wednesday in Coney Island to photograph two of his new summer looks. It was my first time being at the park early in the morning, and I have to say I LOVED it! The rides weren't open yet, the boardwalk was quiet and the beach was overcast and calm. Older men and women were chatting with their friends, cooling off in the ocean. Coney Island is an entirely different place before tons of people rush in to ride the Wonder Wheel and eat Nathan's Hot Dogs. We actually shot in the morning for scheduling reasons, but it ended up having an awesome effect on the shoot. 

Coney Island, you're alright... especially in the morning. 

Steven put together 2 dapper summer looks for the shoot. He has a classy way of mixing and matching pieces, always focusing on detail and color. He threw in his TEVAS for this look!!! So good!  Here are some highlights from the shoot. Hope you dig!

Check out Steven's blog for his take on the Summer Suit and more photo deets.