Coney Island Mahjongg

A game of Mahjongg- Hosted by Jeanette Gresh - In her home in Coney Island.

2018 weddings: unscripted

A few of my favorites from 2018’s wedding season.

BTS shot of me In the kitchen at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, NY.

BTS shot of me In the kitchen at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, NY.




I was the photographer for three media installations for the exhibition, EVICTED, at Washington, DC's National Building Museum. The exhibit is based on the book Evicted by Matthew Desmond. It portrays the causes and impacts of eviction on American families.  (on display 2018-2019)

I attended eviction court hearings and documented two families each impacted by eviction in some capacity. 

Some selected images from the exhibition below. 




A day with Joanne Chang of FLOUR Bakery

Joanne Chang begins each day with her bread and butter, and then makes her way through Boston to visit each of her 7 restaurants, giving EVERY staff member a proper hello along the way.

I met Joanne Chang indirectly through my work on “In the Company of Women”. We were both asked to speak on a panel in Boston about Women in Business, but to be honest I had already over-ate at her restaurants many times. Joanne is the founding Pastry Chef and owner of the Boston based, FLOUR BAKERY & Cafe, as well as Meyers + Chang in the south end. Joanne now has 7 FLOUR locations, plus headquarters where a lot of the product is baked, and she makes it a point to go to as many locations as she can each day… to check in, say hi to all of the staff, and of course hit up the snack bin to taste all of the treats.

I joined Joanne on her rounds through Boston a few months back, so I could document a day in her life, and see how the whole FLOUR operation runs. Joanne's positive, hardworking and caring personality is reflected in the FLOUR brand from food to employees... If you haven't been- GO and get the infamous sticky bun (PICTURED BELOW) and say hi to Joanne if you see her!

8 . 21 . 17 NYC ECLIPSE

When something is happening in New York City- everyone feels connected. Whether its a snow storm, a rally, an opening of a new restaurant in your neighborhood, getting stuck on the subway,  or whatever else the city throws at you... we are all in it together. 

Yesterday, NYC was buzzing with energy and excitement about the Solar Eclipse. Spectators flooded the sidewalks, shared solar eclipse glasses and homemade pinhole projectors. I went to midtown, squeezed my way through the crowds and photographed the people, and the commotion.


33rd & 7th, NYC                  

33rd & 7th, NYC                  

NYFW 2017

An inside look at New York Fashion Week 2017 !

I never realized everything that goes along with the NYFW was an eye opening experience to be part of these events. From seeing the actual production set up, to the all the backstage prep with hair, makeup and models, to the celebrities and eccentric characters that attend the shows- it's a whirlwind of energy and excitement that happens throughout the week. Heres a few moments from a couple of the shows that I covered for The Daily Front Row.

2016 weddings : unscripted

One aspect of wedding photography that keeps me engaged is searching for the unscripted moments. This year I was fortunate to work with a lot of amazing people, travel to some incredible places, and capture some really special unscripted moments. Without further ado - here are a few of my favorite photographs from the 2016 season of love. 

Main Squeeze: 35mm + 24mm
Shoes: Blundstone Boots
Storage Used: 4TB
Oil Changes: 5
Places: NY, RI, MA, VT, NJ, CT, TX, CA, FL, Iceland, Jamaica
Song: "Can't Stop the Feeling"- Justin Timberlake
Number of questions from uncles who "dabble" in photography : way too many to count

Rocky Slims

Last year, I spent a day working with Chef Angelo Romano photographing his beautiful food in his new Italian restaurant on the corner of 25th and 3rd in NYC, Rocky Slims. Found this post on my desktop and have been meaning to get it up on the blog.... so here it is. I shoot food too! 

DAN MILLS in Studio

Dan Mills is working on a new (insanely good) album thats going to be released sometime in the next few months.  Dan, Mark Goodell and Adam Podd have been working together for years making music and its pretty amazing seeing these songs and this whole vision come to life. They have been recording out of The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn and when I can, I try to pop by document these moments that I know will be forever cherished. This weekend a few incredibly talented musicians stopped in to record... Lauren Pritchard and her amazing vocals and Owen Broder on the clarinet.  A few moments from the session below. 


I was in LA about a month ago and collaborated with Peter Barbee of Among Savages and Shelby Simon- an old friend who's an amazing LA based stylist.

 We shot a few looks in the Mount Washington area...Peter lives in this incredible tiny back house in the mountains that we used for our location. (i also want to live there)  We also ventured over to Galcos Soda Pop Stop and Highland Park.

Monrowe Magazine did a feature a few weeks ago. Link below as well as a few more photos from the shoot!



The North End

I truly miss the energy of New York, and I'm on a constant search for it in Boston. I explored the North End a bit and came across Haymarket. I felt alive when I heard the sounds, calls and commotion at this outdoor market.  

A few photos from that day. If there are places I need to visit- let me know! 

Dominic, the butcher.  Sulmona Meat Market, Boston   

Dominic, the butcher.  Sulmona Meat Market, Boston


Dick Carlotta

I spent the weekend in the Berkshires in Stockbridge, Massachusetts with some good friends. On my way out, I stopped in this little coffee shop / bookstore in town called Stockbridge Coffee & Tea. This gentleman was sitting so pleasantly in the corner and the lighting was so nice that I had to grab my camera and take his photo. After speaking with him, I learned that the painting on the wall is actually him sitting in that exact spot with the exact sunlight and shadows on the wall.  His sister, Lois Van Cleef,  painted this image and has it displayed right above his spot in the shop. If you visit Stockbridge, grab a coffee at the shop and tell Dick "Hi"... and make sure you don't take his seat!

Dick Carlotta . Stockbridge, MA

Dick Carlotta . Stockbridge, MA




Coney in December

65 degree weather in December in NYC called for a trip to Coney Island. I ventured over to the new and improved viewing dock off of the boardwalk and found a whole fishing world in Coney Island that I never new existed. I stayed for a little while and just observed what was going on. The guys fished in silence. There were no side conversations. Just the sounds of the ocean, the fish hitting the deck and a little girls toy truck instrumental song looping and providing the soundtrack to the 20 minute photo sesh.  

An inspiring & exciting summer it was

Labor day weekend marked the end of summer. I think its appropriate to dedicate a little blog post to my summer since I have been a bit MIA for a few months. Obviously I've had my obligatory social media posts, but I've never been one to really get personal on the internet (besides photos) here goes nothin! 

I have had the honor/pleasure of working with Grace Bonney of Design Sponge on her 2nd book featuring talented women in the creative community. With a 2 month deadline on the book, I spent the summer photographing 70 incredible women around the country...the majority in New York, the East Coast, LA, San Francisco and a quick trip to Detroit. I snapped a ton of photos along my way, but didn't want to clutter everyone's instagram feed so a blog is the perfect forum to feature some highlights.

I traveled to some great places, met some insanely talented women, ate delicious foods, caught up with good friends and family, all while shooting a summer's load of weddings on the east coast during the weekends, packing my Brooklyn apartment up and moving (half time) to Cambridge MA, andddddddddddd trying to squeeze in some quality summer beach hangs. SO needless to say, if you haven't seen me in 3 months you now know why! 

It has been a crazy summer full of excitement, new experiences and people. Photographing for this book has been one of the most inspiring and fulfilling projects I've ever been a part of and it's definitely exposed me to so many new worlds within the creative/design community. Now that I'm finally back and settling in to my Brooklyn/Cambridge life, I'm missing the energy that came along with the book. This feeling is keeping me in check with my passion for creating- so many times i feel like I'm going through the motions with work and I forget to bring that energy and passion into my own projects. So my obvious next step is to work on something of my own. I have ideas kicking around- the next hurdle is actually scheduling the time to work on them...

I'm proud to say that this week I turned in all the final images for the book that will be coming out Fall 2016. SO stay tuned! 

Click the photos for captions if you wanna know whats been going on!