A day with Joanne Chang of FLOUR Bakery

Joanne Chang begins each day with her bread and butter, and then makes her way through Boston to visit each of her 7 restaurants, giving EVERY staff member a proper hello along the way.

I met Joanne Chang indirectly through my work on “In the Company of Women”. We were both asked to speak on a panel in Boston about Women in Business, but to be honest I had already over-ate at her restaurants many times. Joanne is the founding Pastry Chef and owner of the Boston based, FLOUR BAKERY & Cafe, as well as Meyers + Chang in the south end. Joanne now has 7 FLOUR locations, plus headquarters where a lot of the product is baked, and she makes it a point to go to as many locations as she can each day… to check in, say hi to all of the staff, and of course hit up the snack bin to taste all of the treats.

I joined Joanne on her rounds through Boston a few months back, so I could document a day in her life, and see how the whole FLOUR operation runs. Joanne's positive, hardworking and caring personality is reflected in the FLOUR brand from food to employees... If you haven't been- GO and get the infamous sticky bun (PICTURED BELOW) and say hi to Joanne if you see her!