Bankie Banx

I just got back from at trip to St. Martin, where I was hired to shoot a wedding on the Island. Not only was the wedding incredible, but the couple was amazing and brought me along to document their whole weekend. Dream Job. One of the days I went on a boat trip with them and their guests to Anguilla. We docked at Rendezvous Bay- one of the most incredible beaches around... so quiet, crystal clear water, softest sand ever. (photos to come)

We were told to take a walk over to Dune Preserve. Picture the best treehouse on a beach that functions as a restaurant/bar/music venue and this is it. It actually is paradise.  Musician, Bankie Banx, quoted to be the "Anguillan Bob Dylan", owns the Dune Preserve and you'll find him hanging there all day. After meeting a few people there,  I found Bankie and only had a minute with him  before I had to head back to the boat, and literally grabbed him and snapped a photo in one of the nooks of the place. Bankie Banx spent time touring and living in New York and returned to Anguilla and now hosts the annual Moonsplash music festival at the Dune Preserve. Bankie Banx- makin' music and living in Paradise.  He's also a really really nice guy who I sincerely enjoyed meeting. 

Bankie Banx, 2014.  Anguilla

Bankie Banx, 2014.