An inspiring & exciting summer it was

Labor day weekend marked the end of summer. I think its appropriate to dedicate a little blog post to my summer since I have been a bit MIA for a few months. Obviously I've had my obligatory social media posts, but I've never been one to really get personal on the internet (besides photos) here goes nothin! 

I have had the honor/pleasure of working with Grace Bonney of Design Sponge on her 2nd book featuring talented women in the creative community. With a 2 month deadline on the book, I spent the summer photographing 70 incredible women around the country...the majority in New York, the East Coast, LA, San Francisco and a quick trip to Detroit. I snapped a ton of photos along my way, but didn't want to clutter everyone's instagram feed so a blog is the perfect forum to feature some highlights.

I traveled to some great places, met some insanely talented women, ate delicious foods, caught up with good friends and family, all while shooting a summer's load of weddings on the east coast during the weekends, packing my Brooklyn apartment up and moving (half time) to Cambridge MA, andddddddddddd trying to squeeze in some quality summer beach hangs. SO needless to say, if you haven't seen me in 3 months you now know why! 

It has been a crazy summer full of excitement, new experiences and people. Photographing for this book has been one of the most inspiring and fulfilling projects I've ever been a part of and it's definitely exposed me to so many new worlds within the creative/design community. Now that I'm finally back and settling in to my Brooklyn/Cambridge life, I'm missing the energy that came along with the book. This feeling is keeping me in check with my passion for creating- so many times i feel like I'm going through the motions with work and I forget to bring that energy and passion into my own projects. So my obvious next step is to work on something of my own. I have ideas kicking around- the next hurdle is actually scheduling the time to work on them...

I'm proud to say that this week I turned in all the final images for the book that will be coming out Fall 2016. SO stay tuned! 

Click the photos for captions if you wanna know whats been going on!